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We offer quality coaching to help facilitate the process of being a top level student athlete.


We consult student athletes carefully guiding them through their academic, athletic, and professional careers.

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We educate student athletes about the college recruiting process and playing collegiately or professionally.

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"Coach Anthony, inspires me the most as a leader. Coach Anthony has always from day one been a positive motivator in my life and is the reason I am where I am today with soccer. He is the reason I have grown to love the game of soccer and become so involved in wanting to play at the next level. His leadership skills of never giving up on me and always pushing me to be the best I can be are incredible. Not only do I have so much to thank him for on a skill and knowledge level but also for inspiring me to be just like him. He is the kind of person who leads without being asked and always gives others his 100% which in my eyes are ideal characteristics of a leader which I hope to attain in the future."

-Sarah Casterline, Class of 2017 Belvidere High School, Central College 2021, Soccer

"My son, Elias Simpkins has been training with the SACC team since he was a little guy. I can honestly say that the quality coaching, instruction, training, encouragement and guidance that he has received over the years has truly had a positive impact on him in numerous ways. I highly recommend the SACC team!  Thank you SACC team for all that you have done and continue to do!!"

-Rahmaan Simpkins

"SACC for me, has been an experience like no other. Through SACC I've been able to market myself very effectively in the entirety of the college soccer recruitment process, making it extremely straightforward and clear. Once I started the recruitment process for soccer, I had no idea what direction to go. However, thanks to SACC, I found my direction and was able to create my very own profile with access to hundreds of coaches. They even helped me create a highlight video to allow coaches to recruit me without even having to come see me play. Overall, my experience with SACC has been nothing short of incredible. If it wasn't for their counseling I wouldn't be as fortunate as I am to have a number of places I can now play soccer at. If it wasn't for the coaching that I received, I wouldn't be nearly as technical and conditioned as I am today, and I wouldn't be close to the being the player I am today. If it wasn't for SACC, I would not have had the simple, easy, and great experience in the college recruiting process that I did. If you want a simple, easy-to-use, clear, and incredibly helpful system to dive into the chaos of the college recruiting process, then SACC would be a perfect fit for you."

-Noah Long, Class of 2017 Phillipsburg High School, Montclair State University 2021, Soccer

"This program helped me learn the game in ways I never imagined! I love every second of training with Team Dempsey and Friday night indoors! When I look back and I've made it to the top, I'll look at this program and team and thank you guys every chance I get!" 

-Brian Johnson, Class of 2016 Warren Hills High School, Raritan Valley Community College 2018