Video services

1 match: $150
10 matches: $1250
25 matches: $3000
2-5 Minute Highlight Video: $300

We film soccer matches professionally using the X23 Hi-Pod Technologies equipment and make highlight films for student athletes. Inquire about our services today and visit the SACC Youtube Channel to see some of our student athletes in action! 

Capture once in a lifetime events like your Coach Scoring an Own Goal! You never know what great moment might happen in a game that you wish you could share with family and friends.

Top Reasons To Have Your Game Recorded:

  • Coaches use the video to analyze the games/players and come up with appropriate session plans for the week/month to improve their team and to improve the players that they work with.
  • Student-athletes use the video to create highlight videos for networking themselves with college programs. (Student Athletes increase their marketability by 5 times when they use a highlight video to market themselves.)
  • Student-athletes use the video to analyze the games, to come up with ideas for how to improve their team play and to further improve their individual skills.
  • Parents enjoy having a keepsake of their student athlete's athletic achievements to cherish.

X23 - The HI-POD X-Line Endzone Camera - HI-POD

Far more than a step up, the HI-POD Extreme Camera Monopod is a quantum leap above the ordinary tripod. HI-POD will change the way you get the shot.

For pricing over 25 matches and for multiple highlight videos please contact us directly to inquire

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